A brief look at TypeScript and ES6 and the differences between them

TypeScript and ES6, I believe that everyone will have some understanding of it, what is the difference between them, probably outlined a few points.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is a free and open source programming language developed by Microsoft. It is a superset of JavaScript, and essentially adds optional static typing and class-based object-oriented programming to the language.

TypeScript extends the syntax of JavaScript so that any existing JavaScript program can work under TypeScript without change. typeScript is designed for the development of large applications, and when compiled it generates JavaScript to ensure compatibility.

TypeScript supports adding type-informed headers to existing JavaScript libraries, extending its benefits for popular libraries such as jQuery, MongoDB, Node.js and D3.js.

What is ES6?

ECMAScript is a scripting language standardized by Ecma International (formerly known as European Computer Manufacturers Association, ECMA-262) through ECMA-262.

And ES6 is ECMAScript 6, which is the next-generation standard for the JavaScript language and has been officially released in June 2015.Mozilla Corporation will build on this standard with the release of JavaScript 2.0.

The goal of ES6 is to make the JavaScript language available for writing large, complex applications and to become an enterprise-level development language.

The difference between TypeScript and ES6

  • TypeScript is a free open source programming language, developed and maintained by Microsoft. ES6 is a version of ECMAScript (ES), which is the ECMA international standardized scripting language specification.
  • TypeScript supports all primitive data types, ES6 does not support.
  • variable scope.
    1. TypeScript has 3 scopes: global scope, class scope, local scope.
    2. ES6 has 2 scopes: global scope, local scope.
  • Module
    • In TypeScript, there are two types of modules internal and external modules, in ES6, modules are divided into import modules and export modules.
  • ES6 mainly tends to be built in the need for tools or small projects. If we need a robust testing workflow, we need to keep one thing in mind, then we must use ES6.

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