Recommend a visual configuration tool for Nginx

Nginx is a must-have tool for front- and back-end development engineers. There are many scenarios in which it can be used, such as reverse proxy, load balancing, dynamic separation, cross-domain, and so on.

Download Nginx and open the nginx.conf file in the conf folder, where the basic and default configurations of the Nginx server are stored.

Configuration is a huge headache for programmers, such as the Java backend framework SSM, and the large number of configuration files makes many people’s heads spin, which is why frameworks like Spring Boot have emerged that simplify configuration.

It would be nice to have a visual way to configure Nginx. I found a tool on GitHub that can generate Nginx configurations with one click, and it’s pretty powerful.

Let’s see what features it supports: reverse proxy, HTTPS, HTTP/2, IPv6, caching, WordPress, CDN, Node.js support, Python (Django) server, and more.

If you want to do the configuration online, just open the website: and follow your needs.

Select your scene, fill in the parameters, and the system will automatically generate the profile.

Project address:

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